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This is the last post on this blog, please visit my new exciting website and Blog here:

Thank you to all !


Scratchcam update: Version 1.2

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Good news for all iPhoneographers! The new version of Scratchcam is out now with some nice new features, effects and bug fixes!
Now you can create literally thousands and thousands of different looks for your photos! Its really good fun, I can never pick only 1 effect whenever I am using SC for my photos and I will always end up saving at least 3 different looks of the same shot.
Flickr group:

★★★★★★What is new in Scratchcam★★★★★★

You can now fully control the strength of ScratchCam’s effects with a brand new slider control.

 Added an “Undo” button that will let you go back a step if you accidentally skipped past an effect you liked.

 Added a whole bunch of new effects to ScratchCam opening up yet more possibilities for your photos

The interface has also had some minor refinements and we have fixed a couple of minor bugs, including a memory issue that was causing ScratchCam to crash every once in a while.

Autumn Trees at Mount Wilson

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Mt Wilson, the heritage garden village, it is completely surrounded by the Blue Mountains National Park only 2 hours from Sydney. The area has magnificent natural bushland and rainforest, walks and canyons as well as historic houses and grand exotic gardens, some of which are open to the public.

Even though I have visited Blue Mountains a couple of times before, I have never been to the Mount Wilson area before. I have only found out about it recently when I was browsing photographs on “flickr” trying to find the best place for photographing Autumn trees around Sydney. So after I have done some research Steve and I hit the road and drove 2 hours and 10minutes west to this beautiful Autumn wonderland.

I really enjoyed that day, the colorful trees and their smell reminded me of the Autumn back home in Slovakia.

Here is a collage of photos I took that day:

Autumn at Mt Wilson

An Autumn Collage of the Mount Wilson region – This is my other version of the originall collage where I used a certain type of cross processing and the “lomo” effect.

Mt Wilson Collage

 An original Autumn Collage of Mount Wilson region

A sunset over the Dufaurs Rocks View Point

About Mount Wilson :

Mount Wilson and, nearby, Mount Irvine, are two basalt capped peaks on the northern edge of the Blue Mountains. Blessed with rich volcanic soils, these two peaks were heavily timbered with temperate rain forests of sassafras, coachwood, lilli pilli, tree ferns and a thick understorey of ferns. The forests are teeming with wildlife and birds.

European settlers had difficulty reaching Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine, however there is much evidence that indigenous people camped in the area. There are many rock carvings and paintings, implement-sharpening grooves, and stone axe-heads to be found among the caves and forests, and chips of chert, a rock not of this district, have been found along creek banks.

By 1880, eight houses had been built for use as retreats from the summer heat of lower altitudes, creating at what was known at the time as a ‘hill station’. Many of these early landholders had made their mark already on NSW society, business and government. While laying out their extensive gardens in the rich volcanic soil, they never lost sight of the magnificent environment of luxurious native rainforest and bushland which surrounded them at Mt Wilson. Eucalypts and tree ferns are still featured among the exotic trees and shrubs which make Mt Wilson famous as a ‘heritage garden village’.

Among those early settlers were familiar names from NSW history, including Eccleston Du Faur, a foundation member of the NSW Academy of the Arts, later President of the NSW Art Gallery, and also responsible for the establishment of Kuringai Chase. Richard Wynne, first Mayor of Burwood and benefactor of the Wynne Art Prize for Landscape bought several of the original portions. Three grandsons of William Cox, who built the road over the Blue Mountains, were among the first landholders, and GH Cox’s property ‘Beowang’ was purchased by Mr & Mrs V. White, parents of Nobel Prizewinning author Patrick White, who spent time here as a boy.

Not only did these and other settlers establish extensive gardens but they also planted the magnificent avenue of trees from Sefton to Wynstay Lodge. They built the School and Cottage in 1891 and later St George’s Church, built as a memorial to Henry Marcus Clark by his children, and consecrated in 1916. Land was donated for Founder’s Corner, a sports ground named Silva Plana, and almost 3000 acres of native bushland, including some rainforest, was placed in Crown Reserves.

Mt Wilson remains a fascinating and charming village with many English-style houses, gardens and avenues, now over a century old, in a setting of Australian bushland and rainforest.

Website for Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine :

PS: Steve and I did a small photoshoot at this location so I will be posting some portrait pic’s soon!! 🙂

Take Care and Happy Blogging

Wallpaper for May

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I am posting a free monthly wallpaper with 2 sizes : 2560×1600, 1280×800

This shot is from a sunrse at Como, a suburb of southern Sydney  in the state of New South Wales, Australia.
The colors over Como were beautiful that morning.

Click here to download the larger version 2560×1600

Click here to download the smaller version 1280×800

Enjoy 🙂

My most interesting photos in Flickriver

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kim-i - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Woonona Sunrise

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After 3 weeks of not taking any photos, I finally set my alarm at 4.50am and drove together with Steve down the South Coast to a place called Woonona to catch the sunrise. Its a suburb of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

The orginal plan was for me to go to Bulli (only about 5minutes drive from woonona), but it wasnt a very good location when we got there so luckily we had enough time and drove to Woonona instead. There were plenty of rocks, but unlucky for us they were all under water so we couldnt really get close unless we wanted to stand in at least knee high water. I am not sure if it was due to the high tide or if its like that all the time. Luckily the tidal pool was in a good shape  with a nice calm water and reflecting sky so I set myself up and started shooting as the light progressed.

Black & White Art

Woonona Tidal Pool

Woonona  Beach

ScratchCam Photos

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Hey everyone!

Wow, its been a while since my last post, but all that is about to change, well its changing right now:)

So Steve has realeased his new photo iPhone app, called ScratchCam recently and today i have finally got around to posting a few pic’s i made with the app.

If you are fan of a vintage, old, damaged, scratched and grunged style photographs this app really does an excellent job in all these fields. Its also very easy to use!! You only have to press one button, until you find your favourite effect, after that you can hit the save button or upload to facebook or flickr! Awesome right? But, you can be the judge of that.  You can visit the ScratchCam website: or the iTunes page : for more detailed descriptions.

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