Exploring Western Australia (Perth, Cue, Newman)

Hey guys

So it has been 2 weeks since i got back from my travel around WA and finally I got around writing something on my blog about it.

It truly has been wonderful holiday, I loved everything about western australia and I would go and do it all over again anytime.

Me and Steve rented out a 4×4 campervan and spent a full 25 days driving, sleeping and eating on the road. First we were not sure if to rent a normal campervan or go with the more expensive option and get the 4×4 campa, but after doing some reaserch on www.tripadivsor.com.au we did go with the 4×4 campervan.( I will explain more about this 4×4 dilema later in the post and why is it good to pay a little more)

Our trip started in Perth, then we headed up north via the great northern hwy to karijini NP, followed by Exmouth and back down on the west coast back to Perth.

This was our trip initerary :

Perth (2nights) – Cue (1night) – Newman (1night) – Karijini NP (2nights) – Exmouth (3nights) – Coral Bay (3nights) – Shark bay (2nights) – Kalbarri NP (4nights) – Cervantes (2nights) – Margaret river (3nights) – Perth (1night)

First Perth, we didnt actually spend our time in the city but we found a nice caravan park at fremantle which is a port city 20 km southwest of perth. Fremantle is famous for its art galleries, museums and very relaxed cofffee culture.

We were staying at the Coogee Beach Holiday Park which is a great place especially for sunset watching as it is right on the beach:)

I found this caravan park at the website called www.caravanwa.com.au and this site has got a plenty of campsites around WA to choose from.

Ok our next stop was a small ghost town with population 350 called Cue. Cue was really only a over night stop as we were driving for about 8 hours all the way from Fremantle. We went for a little nose around the town and took a few photos including a sunset shoot on top of a hill with the towns supplies of water, looking over the nothingness and lonelyness of the outback.

Later we noticed that the guy on the sign is not holding a golf club but a metal detector ..lol

The Next day we woke up, nice and early and we left to have a look at Day Dawn ghost town 5km southwest of cue, but unfortunately we had no luck of finding it. Not sure why we couldnt find it, maybe it appears and dissapears like a ghost towns do :). What we did see was a plenty of kangaroos and even a herd of running emus, so it wasnt all bad.

Not a great start for the day we headed even more north and away from civilazation and hit the dusty, long and very straight road to Newman. Newman (population 3600) was again only a over night stop and a great town to stock up on supplies in the supermarket (if you are heading to karijini national park I do recommend of stocking up on food,water and fuel as there is really no stores you can visit later) .Newman’s main industry is mining and after 6pm the caravan park we were staying filled up with men working at the mine.

For the evening we went to a radio tower placed on top of a hill overlooking the town.

So thats all from the first part of my trip, I hope you enjoyed my writing and I will be posting more very soon.


~ by soniamasarova on January 2, 2011.

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