Exploring Western Australia (Karijini National park)

Hey guys

The next day we got up and drove for about 4 hours to the very special karijini national park.  With its spectacular gorges, stunning waterfalls and swimming holes and countless wildlife it is pilbara’s most popular stop. When we entered the park we stopped at the visitors center to pick up some information about the walks we could do. We decided to go and see the dales gorge at first, as it was the closest to the visitors center and we were planning on staying at the karijini eco retreat which was about 50km away from the gorge. It may not appear to you as a long distance, but the roads in the park were rough,bumpy and unsealed and even in 4×4 it takes forever. Here is one good reason to get 4×4 jeep, campervan or some kind of monster car. We saw 1 car and 1 campervan trying to drive on this road, going about 20km an hour! It didnt look like fun at all….(i had a laugh 🙂

Dales gorge was superb, one of my favourite places in the karijini. Easy steps lead the way down to Fortescue falls and another 5 -10min of a shady trail to Fern Pool, another tranquil swimming waterhole.

After a few hours of relaxing and enjoying the beauty of this gorge we headed about 50km west to karijini eco retreat campsite for the night. It was very long and bumpy road and steve and I both agreed that going to dales first was a great plan. When we arived we checked into our “luxury” unpowered site ( there is no power in the karijni which really makes sense as its in the middle of nowhere) a massive storm came with thunder, lightening and heavy rain, and that was the end of the day for everyone. So from around 4pm we had aboslutely nothing to do, because we had no electrocity we couldnt turn on our laptop to have a look at the photos or even look at the photos on our cameras cos we couldnt even charge our batteries….lol….we stayed in the campa and waited for the next day.

The next day we woke up super early as it is too freaking hot for any gorge walking at the middle of  the day. We left to have a look at the Kalamina gorge.

After a peaceful stroll along the bottom of Kalamina gorge we went and saw the lookouts of Joffre gorge, knox gorge, hancock gorge and Oxers gorge. Oxer is possibly the most stunning lookout in australia. It celebrates the junction of 4 mighty gorges.

Our day ended with a nice easy walk down the Weano Gorge and a late pasta lunch at the quite popular picnic site near the gorges. I say popular as there was a tour bus with approx 15ppl and few other cars around resting and doing barbeques.

So after a very looooooong day and when we thought its all over and we can go and sleep, we had this genius idea of going back to 1 of the gorges and shoot the golden light and sunset. So after we came back to our campsite and had a couple of hours rest we headed back to oxers lookout to shoot the sunset. But when we arrived and and looked down the gorge we realized what a bad idea it was to shoot a sunset looking over the deep and dark gorge….Because the sun gets lower in the sky the shadows inside the gorges are lot bigger and stronger, heh, i know i wont forget for next time!

But not a biggie, we went maybe 15min back up to road we came from and stayed on the road which was on kind of a nice hill overlooking the never ending scenery. 30 minutes into sunset we started to be tired and though that this sunset wont be very exciting anyways and left early. On our way back to campsite the colors really started to come out and went scorttching red and pink. The lesson is never to leave sunset early even if you think that the colors wont be great, mother nature plays tricks on us sometimes and just when u think the sun is gone, it completly turns around. Best thing is to stay 45min from the point the sun goes behind the horizon.

Wow I just realized that this was like the longest day ever …:))) I cant remember now, but I bet we slept like babies after this day, haha. Ok guys hope you enjoyed this and I didnt bore you to death.

Will be continuing soon, see ya’s !


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