The Entrance – Pelican Feeding

Hello guys

Few weeks ago I have heard about this pelican feeding at a town called The Entrance on the Central Coast 105 kilometers (1h 40min) north of sydney CBD or 130km (2h 10min) if you live on the south coast. The Entrance is building its name as the “Pelican capital of Australia”. The feeding time is everyday at 3.30pm and the pelicans are always there.

We arrived at the seafront carpark around 2.30pm and straight away saw plenty of pelicans near a small amphitheatre or pelican feeding area, as you wish. There are 3 levels of the theater, the nearest one to the water is the one you want to sit at if you want to take some cool wide angle photos of them catching the fish (do not bother sitting on the 2nd step or 3th step of the amphitheatre as other people will or may stand right infront of you). The only problem for us was that the kids still have their summer holiday and at 2.30pm the first sitting step was already full. I am sure its not that busy when there are not any holidays but get there earlier anyways as its very popular location for families.

Here are few photos i managed to snap while feeding :

Managed to squeeze infront of people, before the feeding begun

So many of them were circling in the sky it would be a mortal sin not to take any photos!

And here are few of my Black and White conversions made in Lightroom 3 with the “black and white creative look 1”. I dont ususaly use these lightroom presets but for this kind of shots it worked nicely and made some nice high contrast b&w

Couple of young pelicans, they were too shy for the feed

Hope you enjoyed my post ūüôā

S E E   Y O U   S O O N !


~ by soniamasarova on January 6, 2011.

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