Exploring Western Australia (Exmouth, Ningaloo Marine Park)

So the next morning we left Karijini and headed for the Nanutarra Wittenoom Rd across the dessert and drove another 9 hour to the town of Exmouth located at the North West Cape. Exmouth is a great place to stay with decent amount of shops including surf, camp and dive stores, supermarket, ATMs, cafes and makes a great place for exploring the Ningaloo Marine Park and the Cape Range National Park.

The first day we didnt do too much, but we went for a stretch to our local beach maybe 15 min of walk from the campsite.Steve went for a dip while I stayed on shore and looked out for any shark fins poping out of the water…lol When we went back it was quite late close to the dusk and as we were walking on a path through the grassy sand dunes we got attacked by huge, freaky flying grass hoppers!!! You can imaging how much I screamed.

The next day we went to one of the most popular attractions 63 km from Exmouth, Turquoise bay . This crystal clear lagoon with pure white beach offers easy access to fantastic snorkeling. Turqoise bay is one of the beaches located on the shore of the  Ningaloo Marine Park (similar to great barrier reef). When we went for a snorkle we saw countless types of fish, turtles, stingrays and vibrant corals. So far, it was my favourite place on our journey.

After the snorkle we did go for a wonder around and drove to few different places,but I dont have any pics…I think i was too lazy to get the camera out of the bag again…:D. We did try to do a sunset shoot that evening but due to strong winds, we had to leave it and try the next day.

Early morning we went back and drove another 63km to Turqoise bay …lol Took some shots of steve beeing silly and jumping in the water with his clothes on…..(i didnt encourage him much) The first poeple on the beach at 8amwas us 🙂

Found this track in the sand when we came to the beach.

The same evening we went for a turtle watching at the Jurabi Turtle Center 20km from Exmouth. They were currently in the season of laying their eggs on a beach. Every season they come to the same beach they were born to continue their legacy. Unfortunatelly we didnt see any coming up on shore as they could come any time on any part of the beach usually in a pitch black. We did do a sunset shoot there and then sat an hour on the beach squinting our eyes looking for movement.

Our day ended and unluckily so did our time in Exmouth – Will continue soon ! 🙂

I am posting few pictures of the wildlife we came across in and around Exmouth as well

An Emu walking around our caravan park (think steve is hidding behind a tree)

Boxing match of the week:)

Meh, i was pushing it coming closer and closer untill they saw me

I filled that little bowl on the floor about 20 times....they drunk 20L of water

Steve found a friend...but then the sneaky parrot took all our food

hmmmm. not sure whats going on here, perhaps he is coping a bat?

um, or maybe a cliffhanger?


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