Northern beaches, Sydney

So after 1 year of nagging Steve to come and visit narrabeen with me, we finally made it yesterday and headed 1 hour 15 min across the harbor bridge to a place called Narrabeen, a beachside suburb in northern Sydney.

So Steve and I have packed our cameras and left nice and early as we wanted to avoid the friday “end of  work for the week” rush hour.

We spend couple of hours at a place called Long Reef, within the suburb of Collaroy only 10minutes drive from Narrabeen. Then headed back for the sunset around 7.30pm and we stayed out shooting unitll 9pm.

But before heading back to the car we treated ourselfs with some hot fish and chips and had a romantic dinner inside our car with the hot cardboard boxes on our laps sqeezing the last bit of tomato sauce out of 1 tiniest sachet they gave us. Steve told me, he doesnt know why I complain about him not taking me out for dinners anymore…and I told him that buying T/A fish and chips and eating it inside of a car at the CARPARK doesnt count:D.

Anyways here are the photos :

Long Reef, North Sydney, NSW

North Narrabeen Sunset, North Sydney, NSW

North Narrabeen Sunset, North Sydney, NSW

North Narrabeen Rock Pool, North Sydney, NSW

North Narrabeen Rock Pool, North Sydney, NSW

You can also click on my flickr to see more camera details for above shots and I will be also doing “how I took it” description and photoshop technique for the first shot on this blog post “Long Reef”

Hope you enjoyed my post

See you soon ! 🙂


~ by soniamasarova on January 15, 2011.

One Response to “Northern beaches, Sydney”

  1. Howdy from Texas! Discovered yoru blog through DPS and I like what I see here! You are a talented photographer. I am definately going to add you to my blog roll in thehopes that others get to see your wok as well. I noticed that both of us have teh idea of using our images as monthly “wallpaper calendars” 🙂 Here’s a link to mine for january.
    Blue Lion Wallpaper Calendars 2011

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