Equestrian photoshoot (2)

Hello all

Another photoshoot from last weekend. I was so worried because the weather was bad with rain starting and stoping every 5 minutes. The sky was covered in thick grey clouds. But! Thank God, it didnt start to rain heavily and I could stay and carry on photographing. I am kind of glad that the sun stayed hidden as there were no harsh shadows on my horses but instead the scene had smooth and silky look. Thank you very much to Malabar riding school for giving me this wonderfull opportunity!

Hope you enjoy, these are my best shots:

View Large Here

View Large Here

View Large Here

View large here

Funny bonus 🙂

Take care ! 🙂


~ by soniamasarova on February 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “Equestrian photoshoot (2)”

  1. These photos are wonderful. I have been a horse owner my whole life long as were my parents before me up until a few years back when I said goodbye to my last two chocolate soldiers at the age of 32. You have a remarkable eye and have taken some outstanding shots. My favorite it the second one from the top. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    • Hi timethief, thank you for your lovely message.
      I would love to have a horse one day but I have to be honest with myself…the chances are pretty slim:( I bet you miss yours a lot.
      Glad you liked the photos:)

  2. SUPER! 🙂 …držím palce!

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