Exploring Western Australia (Cape Range NP, Coral Bay, Shark Bay)

It has been a while since i made a post about my WA trip and my memories are all starting to mix together.

Next morning we still wanted to have a look at the shothole canyon on our way out of the Cape Range NP and we made a  morning stop and the canoyn before heading towards Coral Bay.

Shothole Canyon, Cape Range National Park, WA

Shothole Canyon, Cape range national park, WA

Because Coral Bay was only around 2.5 hour drive we took it easy and enjoyed what seemed to be like a very short drive! Unill now we were used to drive at least 7 hours a day so 2.5 hours was piece of cake:)

Coral Bay Camp Site, Western AustraliaCamp Site

When we arrived to this gorgeous part of the world,  it was a nice pleasant surprise and we checked in to one of Coral Bay camp sites.  Coral bay (population 150) is a small town existing primarily for tourism with a side industry of fishing. Coral Bay

I recommend Coral Bay for everyone, its beautiful with snorkling just off the beach,  plenty of boat cruises to explore and snorkle the outer Ningaloo reef, kayak or even swim with the friendly Manta Rays!! You dont need a car at all, CB is very small and you can walk everywhere. Not to mention the lovely food you can order from the few cafes and bakery! Although bring enough food and water supplies as there is only 1 small supermarket and regular food such as bread…water…its expensive.

We went for a Manta Ray snorkling tour. Only 5 people including me and Steve turned up!!! This is why it is sometimes worth to visit places like this in off season. We snorkled with 4 manta rays for about 30-45minutes. It was truly amazing experience, highlight of my trip for sure.

Steve is snorkling

After the great time we had in Coral Bay it was time to move on and our next stop was the World Heritage site of Shark Bay. Shark Bay (population 1000) its famous for a few attractions like the Stromatolites Hamelin Pool, Shell Beach, Eagle Bluff, Little Lagoon and of course the world famous friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia.

Stromatolites, Shark BayHamelin Pool Stromatolites – Shark Bay is one of only 2 places in the world where living marine stromatolites exist. These living fossils contain microbes similar to those found  in 3,500 milion year old rocks – the earliest record of life on Earth!!

Denham, Shark Bay, Western australiaDenham is a great base  for you to explore the Shark Bay area. Its a town with accommodation, supermarket, servicing facilities, shops, cafes and more. I had a good feeling about Denham, very pleasent sea side town.

Denham, Shark BayDenham (population 600) is located on western coast of the Peron Peninsula. Only 26km from the Monkey Mia.

Denham, Shark BayIt is common to see a herd of wild Emu’s promenading the town.

Denham Camp SiteOur camp site in Denham – this was o.k camp site, but it wasnt our most favourite one of all.
The wildlife (emus & gallahs) around the camp site made up for it though.

Mallee fowl, shark bayOn our way to Monkey Mia

Dolphin, Monkey Mia, Shark BayA friendly bottlenose dolphin at Monkey Mia – For over 50 years dolphins have been visiting its shores, getting up close and personal with the local people and tourists. The history of this tradition isn’t the prettiest however as it is only relatively recently that controls have been in place to control the human-dolphin interaction. Today’s guides tell stories of people feeding the animals all kinds of junk, like hot dogs and cigarettes and teaching them to perform tricks. These days, sense prevails and the dolphins are fed a limited amount of fish and touching is an absolute no-no.

Dolphin, Monkey Mia, Shark BayIts feeding time!! – I recomend to stay close to the beach after the first feed as the first one is the most manic one with just too many people around. When I was there the crowd broke up after the first feed and dolphins came back in about 10 minutes again! The 2nd and 3rd feed is a lot more enjoyable and even though after all 3 feeds (thats the max) been completed the dolphins still came back to the shore in a short period of time and by then there was around 10 people standing by.

Dolphin, Monkey Mia, Shark BayMonkey Mia

Monkey Mia, Shark BayMonkey Mia

Dolphin, Monkey Mia, Shark BayMonkey Mia dolphins

Monkey Mia, Shark Bay

Dolphin, Monkey Mia, Shark BayMonkey Mia – this place just next to the jetty is where the wild dolphins come every day for a feed.

Dolphin, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, SunsetMonkey Mia

Eagle Bluff, Shark bayEagle Bluff – is the best place in Shark Bay to view marine life. The shallow waters include rays, turtles, sharks and even dugongs! Bring your binoculars or if you have a long zoom lens for your camera to see better.

Eagle Bluff, Shark BayThis is a small limestone island, once mined for guano now holds a important bird breeding colony.

Eagle Bluff, Shark BayShark spoted at the Eagle bluff! I recomend to have binoculars or very big zoom lens on your camera, or you will have trouble to spot the wildlife in the water.

Hope you enjoyed my post. See you again soon 🙂



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  2. Incredible place!!!
    God I wanna travel to Australia so bad now 😀
    Nice blog.

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