Coalcliff Sunrise

Coalcliff is a town on the coast of NSW, Australia 60km south of Sydney and 23km north of Wollongong. Together with Stanwell Park it belongs to the Little Bulli indentation of the northern Illawarra coast strip.

Today it was my first time at Coalcliff, we often drive past it and see the view of the big rock surface underneath us with what seems like tiny fishermen scattered around the huge platform of rocks.

I really enjoyed the morning even though was quite windy and a little nippy I had fun exploring and finding endless photo opportunities. One thing I did not know when I was getting ready for the shoot was how wet its going to be down there. Puddles and streams of water are running all over the place and its quite a challenge to get closer to the edge of the cliff withthout getting wet. I was wearing jeans and trainers and had to walk in foot high water, my jeans and trainers completely soaked =) Next time I am wearing flipflops dont care how cold its outside.

Here are my shots:

Thanks for looking, even reading
Take it easy =)


~ by soniamasarova on March 26, 2011.

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