Scratchcam update: Version 1.2

Good news for all iPhoneographers! The new version of Scratchcam is out now with some nice new features, effects and bug fixes!
Now you can create literally thousands and thousands of different looks for your photos! Its really good fun, I can never pick only 1 effect whenever I am using SC for my photos and I will always end up saving at least 3 different looks of the same shot.
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★★★★★★What is new in Scratchcam★★★★★★

You can now fully control the strength of ScratchCam’s effects with a brand new slider control.

 Added an “Undo” button that will let you go back a step if you accidentally skipped past an effect you liked.

 Added a whole bunch of new effects to ScratchCam opening up yet more possibilities for your photos

The interface has also had some minor refinements and we have fixed a couple of minor bugs, including a memory issue that was causing ScratchCam to crash every once in a while.


~ by soniamasarova on May 22, 2011.

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