About Me

I will not longer be using this blog, please visit me new website and blog here:


Thank you to all !


I have lived in Sydney, Australia for 2.5 years, but originally come from Slovak Republic. I know I am lucky to live in such a beautiful coutry with photography opportunities on every corner, I am very thankful.

I developed passion for seascapes, landscapes, nature and wildlife and pet photography but i am keen and eager to shoot all sort of things.  Besides photography, I also love horses, dogs, wildlife, camping, traveling, makeup and movies 🙂 … OH yes and blogging 😛

I am currently undertaking a freelance photography course to become better at the “bussines side” of things.
I am also subscribed to Scott Kelby training where I can further develop and improve my photography and photoshop skills learning from World Class Intstructors.

I am a co-founder (along with my partner Steve) of a www.oztravelgallery.com which is a website that showcases our best shots from around Australia and New Zealand.

CONTACT ME : soniamasarova@y7mail.com


© Sonia Masarova Photography | All rights reserved


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Your photography’s amazing! Looking forward to see more of your work. Take care 🙂

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