New Beginnings – Horse Rescue Australia

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Last Sunday I went to photograph horses for Horse Rescue in North Richmond as a volunteer. I really enjoyed helping this horse rescue centre and I am very happy that I can give them some lovely photos of their sweet horses, which were previously neglected and abused.
These horses come to in shocking conditions and it takes lot of love and hard work to get them healthy again. I liked how all the horses were nicely rehabilitated and recovered, some more than others but they all seemed very happy. Some of them were more curious of me and followed me around sniffing and nibbling on my camera, others were little more camera shy. I hope my images will benefit to the people looking after them as well as the horses.

Here are few shots of the horses in the rescue centre:


Serene Sunrise

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Just a quick post from todays sunrise. Waking up this morning was extremly difficult. Maybe it was something to do with going to bed after midnight and watching the horror movie “Slither” which by the way was really quite good! But at least this time I did not have to go far. Less than 10minutes drive and I was in Como, a suburb of southern Sydney.
I am quite happy with this sunrise and the way it developed. There seemed to be just enough clouds to get some interesting colors and reflections.

Hope you enjoyed
Tomorrow I am volunteering my skills to a horse rescue center, i am very excited. I am sure I will post some pic’s of their horses in the next few days and blog about them.

Untill then, adios =)

Coalcliff Sunrise

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Coalcliff is a town on the coast of NSW, Australia 60km south of Sydney and 23km north of Wollongong. Together with Stanwell Park it belongs to the Little Bulli indentation of the northern Illawarra coast strip.

Today it was my first time at Coalcliff, we often drive past it and see the view of the big rock surface underneath us with what seems like tiny fishermen scattered around the huge platform of rocks.

I really enjoyed the morning even though was quite windy and a little nippy I had fun exploring and finding endless photo opportunities. One thing I did not know when I was getting ready for the shoot was how wet its going to be down there. Puddles and streams of water are running all over the place and its quite a challenge to get closer to the edge of the cliff withthout getting wet. I was wearing jeans and trainers and had to walk in foot high water, my jeans and trainers completely soaked =) Next time I am wearing flipflops dont care how cold its outside.

Here are my shots:

Thanks for looking, even reading
Take it easy =)

Moss Vale Show | 2011

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So this saturady i made the decision to go and have a look at the agriculutral show in Moss Vale.  We had heavy rain in Sutherland shire the night before which carried on for the rest of the day, but I still wanted to go and see it.  So we hit the road around 11am and drove 1.5 hour south. As we got very close to our destination the rain thankfully stoped at least for a little while:)

Moss Vale is a town of the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia in Wingecarribee Shire with a town population of 7340.

Even though the main reason for me visitng Moss Vale was my love for equine photography, I do enjoy a good country show.  I have to say, I was not disappointed, this show was packed with horse events, nice food  and great atmosphere, even with the rain dictating us to open our umbrellas, everybody seemed to have fun and enjoyed the day. If you’d like to find out more about this pleasant country show, you can follow this link provided for their official webiste:

Here are my photographs:

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

Moss Vale Show

I will be glad to come to the next years show, and I am hoping for a nice warm Aussie weather, as this show deserves.

All displayed photographs are available to purchase from 6×4 inches starting from just $10  to 12×8 inches. Please send me an email for a quote and state which images you are interested in and i will send you available sizes and prices for those particular images.

Payment options available: PAYPAL only

Thanks ! Take care.

Waking up with our Mother Nature

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Last weekend I have managed to get out of the bed to go and shoot another sunrise on the South Coast. This time I went to a place called Coledale located in the South Coast region of NSW.

Here are few shots I took on that day:

Special neautral desity 10 stop filter was fitted to make this shot and thats the main reason why it is looking so different from the other images.

Have a nice week! 🙂

Western Australia Video

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From Coastlines to Outback

Short clips of video from around WA filmed & developed by Steven Arnold .

Watch it in HD!

Austinmer Sunrise

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Last week i went to Austinmer (a northern suburb of Wollongong on the south coast of NSW, Australia) for a shoot and promised myself to come back the following weekend for a sunrise.

Steve and I went together for the shoot but while i went to the northern end of the beach, he stayed at the southern end. You can check out his shot if you like Here

And here are my shots :

SundayRiseView Large Here

In The SpotLightView Large Here
Beautiful when viewed large!


I am the happiest when I am holding my camera and tripod. Its hard to get out the comfy bed while its still dark, but the perks and rewards are high if you do. Sunrises are full of opportunities. I love it and you will too. So wakey wakey! Be part of nature and watch as the world awakes!